Teaser Homestuck Fanfic

Here lies segments of what may become a larger story, including the characters Kimiko and Akito. (Just a heads up, this is going to be more Homestuck orientated later on.)

==> Davesprite: Reunite

Tap. Tap… Tap. Kimiko heard the soft tap of something hitting her bedroom window. She wondered what it could be, since her room was on the second story of her house. Cautiously, she stood up from her desk where she had been working on her homework, and navigated through the books strewn across the floor in order to reach her window. Below was a person she swore she had never seen before.

He smiled as her eyes met with his, or at least seemed to meet. His blonde hair swept neatly above a dark pair of round sunglasses. He smiled awkwardly and waved up at Kimiko who hesitantly waved back. Who was this boy? How did he know her?

    The boy appeared to look down at his feet and shifted his weight from right to left. He looked back up at Kimiko’s window and motioned for her to come down. She nodded, wanting to find out more about the mysterious stranger below.

Kimiko quickly changed out of her black sweatpants into a pair of grey jean-shorts. She nearly ran down the stairs, her bare feet thumping loudly with each step she took. Her mother was sitting on the couch in the living room, and glanced up from her novel just in time to see Kimiko reach the bottom of the staircase.

    “What in the world are you doing?” she asked. “Your father and I have had a hard day at work. The least you could do is try to keep your volume down.” Her voice was smooth. She didn’t seem angry, but Kimiko could tell from the look in her eyes that she needed to follow her instructions. Kimiko sighed and apologized.

    “Oh, I’m sorry.” She started. “It’s just my friend is here and I don’t want to keep him waiting…”She trailed off. Her mother set her book down gently in her lap. She raised an eyebrow.

    “Is that so? How do you know that? I didn’t hear a knock at the door…” Her mother smiled.

    “He, uh, kinda,” Kimiko paused and shifted her weight. “threw stuff at my window to get my attention.” Her mother sighed and looked over the novel in her lap.

    “Alright. Well tell him to stop that. I don’t want to have to replace any broken windows.”

    “Okay. I’ll just… go do that.” Kimiko yanked the front door open and slowly closed it behind her. The boy was still there, pacing up and down the uneven sidewalk. As soon as he heard the front door click shut, he turned to face Kimiko and smiled. He walked briskly up to meet her. His bright red shoes clicked quietly against the pavement.

    “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you… Too long.” He walked up the front steps and stood next to Kimiko. He was about four inches taller than she was. Kimiko stared up at his shades, assuming she was looking at his eyes. She cocked her head to the side, confused.

    “I don’t understand.” She paused. “What do you mean, ‘it’s been a long time’? I don’t know who you are. I haven’t seen you before today.” The corners of the boy’s mouth dropped into a frown. His eyebrows raised in concern.

    “You really don’t know? I mean, I know the game reset our session and all, but I was hoping just maybe…” He paused to take a breath and looked off into the distance. “I hoped you would remember. That you’d keep all of your memories, like I did.” His voice started to garble as he choked out those last words. Unexpectedly, he bent down and wrapped his arms around Kimiko’s waist and buried his face in his shoulder. He swallowed hard. “I hoped you would remember how much you mean to me.”

    They stood on the porch, the boy with his arms around Kimiko, for nearly a minute. The boy sighed, realizing she still didn’t remember him, and let go. He put his fingers under her chin and tilted her hear up. He slowly kissed her along the outline of her jaw, then backed away and looked off at the same point in the distance. Kimiko felt her face grow hot, and he hopped down the porch steps. Kimiko opened her mouth to say something, but the words got caught in her throat. She didn’t want the boy to go, but something was holding her back. As soon as he hugged her, a thought began bothering her. At the back of her mind, she vaguely believed that just maybe, she had seen the boy before. The boy strode down the driveway. When he reached the sidewalk, he turned to Kimiko and sighed.

    “I’m going to go. Sorry for bothering you.” He turned and continued walking down the sidewalk, toward the setting sun in the distance. Kimiko watched as he kept walking, and got smaller and smaller as the minutes passed. Suddenly, she gasped. As he turned and stood at the corner two blocks away, she saw a pair of large orange wings attached to the boy’s back. He stood there for a moment, his wings opened and closed slowly, shimmering a golden yellow-orange in the sunset. That’s when the memories flowed. Kimiko remembered everything. A few years ago, her and her friends had entered the game session. That was when she met him. He helped them conquer the villain who was after them, and became a loyal friend along the way. Kimiko remembered all the time they spend together, realizing it may be too late. Her heart skipped a beat and a tear ran down her cheek.

    “Davesprite,” she said to herself softly, her heart dropped as he turned and continued around the corner. “I’m sorry.”

==> Dejavu

She woke up from her slumber in a cold sweat. She was panting. Kimiko felt her cheek. There was a trickle of water running down in a single stream. She had been crying because of her nightmare again. It seemed to be reoccurring more and more often than she liked. Kimiko wiped the streaks off her face with the palm of her hand. No one needed to know what was going on.

Kimiko got dressed in casual attire and slung her backpack over her left shoulder. She exited the house. Her keys made a loud clinking noise as she removed them from her back pocket to lock the front door. She sighed, shoved her keys back in her pocket, and clomped noisily down the sidewalk. She absentmindedly kicked rocks as she walked.

As Kimiko rounded the corner, she looked up. Her eyes locked with a familiar set of chocolate brown eyes, complimented by long, curly, black hair. The boy smiled as Kimiko got closer. When she was a few feet away, he impatiently strode up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist in a hug.

“Good morning.” He said softly into her hair, moving it slightly with his breath. She smiled slightly, her lips curling up at the corners.

“Good morning Akito.” Akito backed away and let his arms fall to his sides. He cleared his throat and glanced at the sidewalk ahead.

“Shall we get going?” He asked. Kimiko nodded. The pair walked silently for a few steps, then began a light conversation about the weather.

It was like this every morning. Kimiko laughed quietly to one of Akito’s jokes and looked down at the ground. Her hand swung by her side, dangerously close to Akito’s. She thought about seizing the opportunity multiple times, but never had the courage to actually do anything.

The conversation continued, no hand holding involved. Kimiko felt her face slowly but surely becoming hot. She was blushing again. They turned into the student parking lot of Kuromi High School. She hoped he wouldn’t notice her red face. A crow flew over their heads. Kimiko looked up, momentarily distracted by the loud caw and the flap of its wings. The warmth in her cheeks subsided, only slightly. There lay a sense of familiarity with the bird, but she couldn’t quite place where. She stared at the bird until it was nothing but a minuscule black dot on the horizon. Akito poked her arm to snap her out of her daze.

“Are you alright?” He asked. Kimiko looked from Akito to the sky, then back to Akito.

“Yeah. I just have a weird feeling I had seen a bird like that before.” She trailed off and her eyes settled on a point in the distance.

“Well yeah, we see crows all the time here.” Kimiko laughed. He loved her laugh.

“No. I meant- you know what? Never mind. It’s probably nothing.” She shrugged and they continued walking.

==> Just a Dream

The pure white clouds moved effortlessly across the clear blue sky overhead. The sun, which was creeping closer to the horizon, cast a warm glow upon the hillside. Unfortunately, Kimiko was unable to bask in the sunlight. She had a mission. It involved both breaking and entering.

Kimiko took a deep breath and peeked around the corner of the building she was hiding behind. It was her living quarters, otherwise known as the house of hell. Her parents had decided that after continuously disobeying them, she needed to be disciplined by being sent to a military facility. Kimiko tucked a loose strand of her shoulder length black hair behind her ear as if brushing away the thought. It had already been two months since she had been sent to the camp, and Kimiko thought that it would be a good idea to take a look around.

She glanced around the corner of the building once again. It was clear. Kimiko blinked twice then took off in a sprint across the courtyard. Large trees loomed on the opposite end of the field, about 50 feet away. She rushed behind them, taking a few steps into the forest behind the main complex of the camp. She turned around quickly to assess her surroundings.

At the moment, Kimiko was hiding in the shadow of a thick grove of trees. Surprisingly, the warden who kept track of the girls at the camp wasn’t patrolling the area. Kimiko chose to escape when their training had finished. The girls’ daily activities consisted of being yelled at, running, eating, ad more running. It was exhausting.

She looked around and recognized the buildings scattered in front of her, as she had been immersed in learning the layout within the first few days she was brought to the facility. The mess hall was off to her left, half hidden behind more trees from the surrounding forest. On the left side was where the warden lived. Even further to the left of that were the living spaces. A few girls could be seen exiting the small cabins, each of which could house about 10 girls.

That was one of the reasons Kimiko hated being there. It was an all girl facility. No guys. No distractions. That reason, along with many others, was what prompted Kimiko to escape and explore what lie outside of the boundaries set by the warden’s rules. Kimiko believed that the rules were unfair, because it said that she had to stay within the perimeter of the camp. They were in the middle of a wilderness, Kimiko thought, where would they go, anyway?

She turned back and headed through the dense population of trees. The sun was setting in front of her, but provided plenty of light for her to navigate by. She stepped over tree roots, ducked under low hanging branches, and kept a sharp eye out in case a wild animal was lurking around.

After about a mile of walking, Kimiko came across a chain link fence. It loomed over her, about a foot and a half taller than she was. She ran her fingers along the fence, then clasped her fingers through one of the holes with both hands. She yanked back as hard as she could. It didn’t budge. Kimiko smiled. She peeked through the openings and tried to catch a glimpse of what the other side may hold.

Just at the edge of her vision, she could see people on the other side. Boys were on the other side. Kimiko squinted her eyes and tried to get a better view. She could see five figures in the distance, all of them distinctly male.

She smiled and hooked her right foot into the fence, about a foot above the ground. She tested it by hoisting herself up. Thankfully, it held. About another two feet up, Kimiko made another foothold with her left foot. And so on, until she reached the top. At the top, Kimiko swung a leg over and made sure her footing was secure. Then she proceeded to swing the other leg over to meet up with the first.

Suddenly, there was a rustling in the trees. Kimiko stopped short to listen. Behind her, Kimiko could hear the crunch if the underbrush, as well as voices echoing through the forest. She swore to herself and looked down for a moment. There was about a six foot drop between where she was and the ground. The voices were faint, but definitely got louder the longer she waited to take action.

She closed her eyes for a moment, then jumped. As her feet collided with the ground below, a shooting pain shot up her legs. She groaned and dropped to the ground, hidden by the knee-high tall grass. Kimiko lifted her arm and rested it across her face so that it shielded the sunlight from her eyes. With everything dark, Kimiko focused on steadying her breathing.

Less than a minute passed and her breathing returned to normal. Once again, she listened to her surroundings. The first thing she noticed was that the noises she had heard a few minutes ago had ceased. Her breath stopped short. She had been so focused of getting over the fence that she didn’t consider the danger of what awaited her at the opposing side.
Kimiko slowly slid her arm away from her face, the last rays of the sun lighting up the trees above her. What was also lit up was the face of a young boy. Specifically, a handsome young boy that Kimiko happened to know.

“We’ll hey there Kimiko. How’re you doing?” The boy asked. His brown skin shone in the remaining light of the sun. His curly brown hair begun to disappear in the shadows of the trees. His mouth contrasted the rest of his dark features. Rows of white teeth were exposed in a kind smile.

“Akito.” She whispered.



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