9/4/16 Update- Undertale

I think I’m getting to the point where I can just talk about a random topic, post about it, and feel like I’m being productive by keeping up with this website.

Or I’m just using this as an excuse because I don’t want to work on my homework hah

Anyway, I was checking tumblr and decided it would be a good time to update the page where I keep track of my Undertale runs. I posted a little excerpt about what I’ve been doing, and then listed all the runs I’ve taken part in so far. Here, though, I can go a little more in depth and explain what’s been going on with my experience (finally).

Originally when I got the game I wanted to be a purist and just go at it without knowing what was in store, but I came in at the time where all the popular youtubers were uploading their playthroughs and, well, curiosity got the better of me. I partially went through the game on my own, which meant I would watch up to a certain point (what they had uploaded until then), then do my own run plus a little more.

I had already heard stories about the possibilities of different runs, and wanted to have a well rounded experience by trying most of them out. So, I ended up playing the pacifist, then a neutral run (where I only killed Undyne)- funny story, when I did my pseudo blind playthrough I didn’t really like her character on the first run. So I vowed the next time I played I would kill her. It was at that point I realized her character wasn’t all that bad, that she really is a good person, and that I took things too seriously when she tried to kill me-then came the genocide run. Now that was interesting. I saw quite a few people playing it online at the same time (youtube again) and thought I should try my own as well. Of course in the back of my mind, there was a voice saying ‘don’t do it! They’re nice people and don’t deserve to die!’ But then another voice came in and reasoned ‘it’s just a video game, and we need to see what the differences are between the runs. So suck it up, this is happening’.

In the end, the second voice won over and I worked my way through the genocide run. The first time was torture. I ended up watching playthroughs again, this time to actually see what I was getting myself into. The most predominant one I kept track of was when Barry and Ross from Game Grumps played their genocide run. I started about the same time, and figured it would be helpful to keep track of theirs so I wouldn’t take too long on my run. I think I started about when they reached Undyne, and got to Undyne when they finished fighting her and moved on. (It took me like 50 times to finally finish her off on that first run). They got to Sans about a day before I did, and when I caught up, I nearly cried. I thought the battle wouldn’t be that hard, but between the emotional attachment I have to his character, and the overall fuckery he pulls throughout the battle, it was pretty difficult. Especially, the kicker, was that between the 5-10 tries, I was able to get up to the last move no problem. But. I. Kept. Dying. It was so frustrating getting that far in the battle and losing it (literally) at the last second before it finished. There were quite a few times I had anxiety attacks during/after playing the game. But soon enough, after like a week of working at it, I finally beat Sans on my 23rd try. When I look back at it now I think, wow, it took me that long? But for the first time on a genocide route it’s not half bad. It was pretty much downhill after that.

Next run I did was hard mode, (I almost forgot that was a thing) before taking on another pacifist run. I heard the ending was different from the pure pacifist run, and wanted to see the differences for myself. Part-way into the run I switched off and did other things. I was getting kind of bored with the game because I went through my runs capturing screen shots, making the runs that much longer to finish. Instead, I spent time searching the internet for pictures of the characters (you can tell who was my favorite of the day, as there are usually blocks of one character at a time) and reading fan theories on tumblr. A couple of times I even contributed to the posts I came across which, looking back at them now, I could have explained my ideas a little better but oh well? At some point I also made a blog specifically so I can categorize the undertale posts I like, and easily access/reference them. I still post undertale stuff on my main blog from time to time, but chances are if you want to see what I post, look at the blog I linked above.

In this time frame was also when I started making my own contributions to the Undertale fandom. I started posting random doodles of the characters, mainly Mettaton and Sans. Of course there were many others, like for Gaster, Undyne, Papyrus, Frisk, and Chara, but they were small, kinda rushed drawings I didn’t want to show off so I just keep those in my sketch folder on the main computer. On top of that, I also had the idea to start writing my own fanfiction. I was in that rut of the ‘sansxreader fanfiction of the week’, and thought ‘hey, I should write my own’. So I did.

It started when I was daydreaming in class and got the idea for how it might feel if the runs kept resetting, but I experienced it in first person. After being able to visualize it, I spent the next couple days writing it down in my free time. And with those ideas swimming around in my head, they in turn inspired me to write more about what else was going on. To be honest, I didn’t really plan out my chapters in advance, it mostly involved me rereading what I had already wrote and writing more based on the inspiration I got. It took me longer than it should have to realize I shouldn’t be writing like that, because I got a lot of details mixed up and had no freaking clue where the story was going. So around chapter 12/13 I started brainstorming and jotting down notes I could use to write the next few chapters, until I reached the end of the story. It looked good on paper, but I stopped writing for the longest time because I lost my motivation to keep going. Hard times hit and I couldn’t continue. That, and I still couldn’t figure out what to do for the fighting mechanics and wanted to prolong writing that part as much as possible. I updated a chapter since then, but it’s still kinda difficult getting back into the swing of things. (Though I picked up my notes again and started changing some details so it might be easier to write/ might motivate me to update again soon enough).

That puts us at about summer time now, which is about the time I got this new laptop. I hadn’t had one before, and I was using the one my mom got pretty frequently for school (since she had an ipad and didn’t really use it). My parents ended up giving this to me as a graduation present (I’m in college now.. yay) and you can probably guess what was one of the first things I did.

I downloaded Steam. (and Undertale)

So within the first few weeks of summer I started playing games again, more frequently because I had the accessibility and time to do so. I picked up Undertale again, starting this time with the genocide route because I wanted the challenge, and also to see if I could beat how long it took me to get past everything last time. Needless to say, it didn’t take nearly as long. I ended up beating Undyne on the first try (which led me to question why I thought she was so hard in the first place) and I beat Sans within like 10. Afterwards I did another pacifist, since the first time I did genocide-pacifist, I didn’t see the differences at the end. This time I found it, and took more screen shots. (It’s a little easier now because I can do full screen without worrying about my parents looking in on my game, like when I use the computer in the living room..) Then I went back to another genocide (because I hadn’t done two under the same cloud save, and wanted to see how the responses would differ. (It only took five tries to beat Sans that time) Turns out Chara comes back and recognizes this isn’t the first time you killed everyone and says that you have a perverted sentimentality.

After doing a couple genocides I felt bad and went back to pacifist. I was past the point of saving my soul, but wanted to see everyone happy again, so I went back. I had a lot of fun on that run because there were some easter eggs I forgot about (like the refrigerator call from Sans), and also because I did some voice overs for the characters. But once I finished that run, summer was beginning to end and I was getting kind of tired with the game again. At that point I decided to focus on collecting the varied responses from the characters with their death sequences, and also with Sans calling at the end. (I consulted my boyfriend about which runs to do. Basically gave him the list of bosses and asked him to pick who I kill). First neutral run involved killing random encounters and all the bosses except for Toriel. The one I just finished this morning (because school started and I haven’t played many games) was also random encounters, but I only killed Undyne and Mettaton. Still up in the air as to the next run I’ll be doing.

Anyway, that’s pretty much the jist of it, how I came into playing undertale, and what’s happened along the way. Overall I think the game is great, well made not only in gameplay mechanics and the soundtrack, but the characters are well developed as well. The more angles/runs you see them from, the more their personalities are revealed. If you haven’t played the game yet and enjoy the style of RPG, I would highly suggest checking it out.

Other than that, thank you guys for reading, I know this is a lot more than what I usually post. Hope you liked listening to my little story here. If there’s a run you’d like to suggest that I haven’t done yet, or have questions about a certain run, or if you want to discuss theories, feel free to leave a message in the comments below.


Keep Up To Date

I keep forgetting that this website is still a thing. One day I say I’ll update every Monday, and the next thing I know, another year has passed since the last time I posted. I’d keep apologizing, but at this point you (reader) and I both know I just pop in whenever I feel like it. May not be very consistent, but at least I say hi every once in a while.


I went through what I’ve posted from the beginning of this website, to the most recent posts, and found out a lot of the links I’ve mentioned are out of date. Either I’ve changed my username, or I don’t use said account any more. Either way, I figured it would be a good idea to post the most recent version of my social media accounts here, just in case someone is interested in checking them out.

I could post individual links here but since I am lazy, have this list I already made for Tumblr


The accounts I use most often nowadays would be tumblr and twitter. Instagram and DeviantArt I post occasionally, and it starts to drop off from there. (Especially when you get to ao3 and wattpad, since I haven’t been consistent with uploading new chapters…)

If you have any questions you would like me to address, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get to you asap. Thank you to those who have followed me this whole time, despite the confusion and infrequency. I really appreciate it.

~Purple Girlz

Quizlet Account

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I have a Quizlet account where I entered a lot of terms. So far I created folders for American Principles and Government (non honors gov), AP U.S. Gov/ Econ, AP/IB English 3 (AP Language), APUSH, and Physics (non-honors). I will also be starting a folder for Psychology soon, so keep a look out for that as well.

~Purple Girlz

AP Lit Rewrite (4/18)

The first time in a while I’ve actually posted something on this website, and it’s school related. Look at that.

Anyway, I’m posting about this because of the recent rewrite I finished for English. Basically the teacher wanted us to take one of our in class essays (ICEs) and rewrite it so that it sounds better. Since I accidentally threw out my other essays (a stupid mistake on my behalf), the only non-novel related prompt I had was for The Last Night That She Lived by Emily Dickinson.

Now, usually when I address a prompt with a poem, I like to have references for the meaning as well as other aspects. Though for some reason, I couldn’t find much information on it other than people posting copies of the poem itself.

Long story short, I made my own annotations (used a presentation for a short portion of it), and thought it might help to post them here.


Hope this can come in handy..

~Purple Girlz

AP Testing

So a lot is going on right now, especially since it’s time for AP testing! I just finished up with APUSH yesterday and have another one for English this upcoming Wednesday.. It’s a fun month.

Well since I just finished with that test all my notes (or at least the majority of them) are going into the incinerator. SO before I throw everything away I took some pictures of my last minute notes in class. Going to post them here in case someone needs it sometime in the future. Who knows, it might help out.

image image image image image image image imageAlso, if you would like to check it out I have a quizlet at turquoiseorange.

~Purple Girlz

What is this “consitance” you speak of?

Hello and once again I am Purple Girlz, attempting to regain my schedule of posting things here on this blog. What is this, the third or fourth attempt? I apologize for any inconveniences, but between schoolwork and the stress of everything else I haven’t had the time to sit down and actually blog. You know, discussing things I think matter and posting my opinion to the two or three of you who are still following me after these past few quiet years.

And I thank you for your dedication.

Although, yes, I do tend to post more on, say, tumblr or Facebook, but that’s because it’s easier to go on and reblog something already made. If you would like to see my pages for Facebook, Twitter or other social media, it is on  the sidebar to the left.

Recently I gained access to my story files (I thought I had lost them) again and have them all in easy reach for editing and adding to and whatnot. So I’ve been thinking. What if I do a regular update here with a portion of a story I’m working on? That way you guys could see what I have so far, make comments/suggestions as to how it looks, and I would have motivation to keep writing a continuous story instead of just notes left over from a dream I had six months ago. It’s difficult for me to pick up a project right now, what with AP testing coming up soon, but I will try my best to keep something up here. Hope to see a little more activity here. Thank you once again!

~Purple Girlz