11/26/16 Update

Welp it’s that, time again. It’s been about a month so I figure it would be a good idea to post another update. (Plus if I don’t do this now, I won’t be able to until after Finals in a couple of weeks..)

Have to say it’s been an interesting month. School has been fairly busy (cough math cough) with a bunch of stuff. Like I said, I’m gearing up for finals over these next coming weeks. Breaking it down it isn’t really a lot, I guess, but math has a test this week and the final next, on top of other stuff I have to do (write a research essay and draw a portrait of myself) it’s a bit much. (Math is my main focus so I have to do a lot of studying hhhh).

On a side note, I’ve been working on other projects as well. More personal than school orientated, though. I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing chapters for my ongoing Undertale fanfiction and so far it’s… sort of working? I read over the last few chapters I recently wrote and have an idea of what I want to do next, but what bothered me was how skewed the schedule of events was, and other small, weird details. It got to me enough that now I’m in the process of editing the chapters I currently have so that they’re laid out more coherently. Originally I planned to just edit small parts and replace it on the current fanfiction I have, but at this rate, I’ll have to make a new section for it all together. The storyline is pretty much the same, but the way I present the information is different enough I can’t just copy/paste what I have. (Plus I’ve been adding details that make the edit longer so I’ve broken up the chapters further. For example, the prologue was originally one chapter, but now there are four.) I won’t do anything on ao3 until I get closer to editing my more current chapters, but I have started posting preemptively on wattpad to keep track of things.

Another thing, more recently was how this past week went. I spent the week by myself, watching the cats at home, and ended up going to my boyfriend’s family Thanksgiving functions for lunch and dinner. It was cool, I guess. At least it was nice to have some quiet around the house (other than the occasional cat fight). Overall found it pretty tiring to be doing most of the chores by myself (I say most because I had my bf come and neighbor over at one point and they helped me out), especially running back and forth between school and home to make sure I was meeting the cats’ needs by feeding them and cleaning the litter boxes three times a day…I was really looking forward to Thanksgiving because nowadays I don’t get to do many family functions with my family (we used to, but we’ve gotten out of the habit of it recently). I thought it was pretty fun, to be honest. I’m still not used to spending time with that many people at once, but I think I could, given some time. Plus on top of that we had a lot (seriously, a lot) of awesome food. There was a mix of classic Thanksgiving dishes and filipino dishes, which was pretty cool. I think his relatives liked me, they ended up inviting me to their Christmas function already, heh. (Keeping my fingers crossed that my parents will let me go).

There’s other stuff that has been going on but it’s not as noteworthy. The only other thing I could think about mentioning is my adventures in Pokemon hunting, but that’s repetitive and some people aren’t as interested in Pokemon GO now? If there is anyone who wants me to make a specific post for that and go in depth with my findings/what I’ve read I can, but otherwise I will leave a link to my facebook page, where I usually post/comment on updates from the app.

Otherwise, that’s all I have to say at this moment. I’ll try and post another update after I finish with finals (and the end of the semester). If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading!