10/9/16 Update

Hello again guys, just thought I’d check in.

To be honest I had an idea of a rant I could expand upon today but after talking with my friend, I decided against it. We were talking in the morning about the new FNAF Sister Location (well I was talking about it, mostly) because I have been watching play through and theory videos for it the past couple of days.

Ironic how this is my way of calming down after a stressful week.

So yeah, I basically came on this morning with all this information swirling around my head and needed someone to rant to. And I did, spoilers and all. But since this is a more public forum and people might get mad at me for posting spoilers or controversial ideas or whatnot, I’ll refrain from that for now. On top of that, the game literally just came out two days ago so it wouldn’t be fair to those who want to go into the game green.

Still think that this is a big step up from the other games though and would incite an interesting conversation though.

I guess from the gameplay I’ve seen some youtubers do I can make general comments on the game though? As in gameplay/ general story wise… [Personally, so far, I’ve watched the playthroughs of Markiplier (scroll down to the bottom for the videos) and Razzbowski, and afterward went to MattPat’s channel to check out his theories and whatnot.]

From the gameplay itself I like how it’s more interactive with the environment. A step up from the original games, where the player as the security guard was stationed in one spot for the night, the player has more mobility, especially in the galleries where the animatronics lie. Similarly, the quality of the graphics has gotten better too. (Which of course, comes with new technologies as well as experience of the game maker over time). In regards to the atmosphere, the sound effects and music compliment the environment well, causing tension and suspense in just the right moments. (The jumpscares are pretty cool too).

In regards to the story, I liked how the information was presented, with voice acting that allows the characters to develop the story, as well as give us a chance to understand who they are. It also adds to the mentality of the game franchise’s overall story, as now that the player can become attached to the character, which deepens their connections within the game. (I want to go into more detail, but that would become spoiler territory, sorry)

Think that should be enough about it for now. This update wasn’t as long as I had hoped it would be (I honestly thought I would have had more to say about things in general, but I guess because it’s getting late and it’s been a long week I’ve run out of ideas I can talk about). So I will bid you guys farewell and pick this up again whenever.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment for me below!